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عنوان مقالات منتشر شده در مجلات معتبر به زبان خارجي( داخلي وخارجي)


Study of the effects of age and body mass index on the carotid wall vibration: extraction methodology and analysis

Modified optical flow technique for cardiac motions analysis in echocardiography images

Automatic assessment of regional and global wall motion abnormalities in echocardiography images by nonlinear dimensionality reduction

Automatic classification of left ventricular regional wall motion abnormalities in echocardiography images using nonrigid image registration

Left ventricle wall motion quantification from echocardiographic images by non-rigid image registration

Echocardiography without electrocardiogram using nonlinear dimensionality reduction methods

Unusual CMR Findings of Apical Left Ventricle Pseudo aneurysm

Pericystic Fibrosis of a Cardiac Hydatid Cyst

The effect of myocardial fibrosis on left ventricular diastolic function assessed by non-invasive cardiac magnetic resonance and echocardiography

Fully automatic segmentation of left ventricle in a sequence of echocardiography images of one cardiac cycle by dynamic directional vector field convolution (DDVFC) method and manifold learning

Comparison between doppler derived strain and strain rate imaging and cardiac magnetic resonance in assessing right ventricular function late after repaired tetralogy of fallot.

Automatic detection of end-diastole and end-systole from echocardiography images using manifold learning

Noise reduction of echocardiographic images based on temporal information

A New Method for Pseudo-increasing Frame Rates of Echocardiography Images Using Manifold Learning

Effect of exercise on blood flow through the aortic valve: a combined clinical and numerical study

Severe primary tricuspid regurgitation with large tunnel-shaped patent foramen ovale

Thirty-one-year Old Pregnant Woman With Infiltrative Cardiac Masses

Cardiac MRI in a patient with coincident left ventricular non-compaction and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Exerting Cost-Sensitive and Feature Creation Algorithms for Coronary Artery Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease Using Data Mining Based on Lab Data and Echo Features

A data mining approach for diagnosis of coronary artery disease

Diagnosis of coronary artery disease using data mining techniques based on symptoms and ecg features

Diagnosis of coronary arteries stenosis using data mining

Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease via Data Mining Algorithms by Considering Laboratory and Echocardiography Features

Automatic Computation of Left Ventricular Volume Changes Over a Cardiac Cycle from Echocardiography Images by Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction

Evaluation of Regional myocardial systolic function in the Early stage of Acute myocardial infarction by strain Rate Imaging

Assessing Relation of Tricuspid valve Annular tilt index with Right ventricular Enlargement in patients with tetralogy of fallot in cardiac magnetic Resonance

Eosinophilic Endomyocardial Fibrosis and strongyloides stercoralis: A case report

Cardiac MRI in a patient with Amyloidosis

Cardiac MRI in a Patient with Myocarditis

Echocardiographic Assessment of Adults with Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot: A Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Comparison Study

عنوان مقالات منتشر شده در مجلات معتبر فارسي 


ناحيه بندي بطن چپ در تصاوير اكوكارديوگرافي با استفاده از يادگيري منيفلد و تلفيق ميدان برداري جهت دار ديناميكي


به‌کارگيري يادگيري منيفلد براي تحليل تصاوير اکوکارديوگرافي


ارزيابي نتايج ميان مدت جراحي تعويض دريچه پولمونر در بيماران با سابقه جراحي ترميم كامل تترالوژي فالو در مركز قلب و عروق شهيد رجايي تهران


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